Kosher Restaurants, The Past & The Future

CJHS will look at the kosher food options in central Ohio since the 1900’s then special guest Joel Marcovitch will talk about what the future might hold. Bring your memories of the local restaurants and delis!


Date Sunday, April 7, 2019

LocationCJHS Historical Collection - 1175 College Ave

Time1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Talk begins at 2:00PM

Now Open!!! From Bris to Brisket

How do we develop a Jewish community? When did the synagogues of central Ohio open and which remain? Who were our rabbis, our mohels and our shochets?

And. very importantly, where did we find our kosher food?

CJHS explores this history and finds some suprises!

Date Opens January 2019

LocationThe Historical Collection, 1175 College Ave.

TimeWeekdays and 1st Sunday of each month