This presentation contains the contents of a tape made on February 24, 1993, during an interview with Mayor Madison by Sally Ann Jeffrey as part of the Oral History Project of the Columbus Jewish Historical Society.

Mayor Madison ….and my executive training in women’s ready – to
– wear apparel. I spent one year at The B. Foreman Company of
Rochester, New York, which is a very high quality women’s clothing
store. I enjoyed my work very, very much and returned to my father’s
business in 1956. Our family business was started by my father, Louis
A. Madison and began approximately 1929. My father’s original
experience came from running the David Stores owned by his brother –
in – law, and his job was to open and run new stores. In 1928 he
opened one in Cleveland and it was there that he met my mother, Jean
Madison. They were married and moved to Columbus, Ohio, where my
father opened his first store on South High Street. In approximately
1930 or ’40 my father moved his store two buildings to the south on
High Street and opened what is known as Madison’s, Incorporated.

Over the years, he opened three more stores in Mansfield, Ohio,
Lima, Ohio, and Akron, Ohio, and all three carried his name. My
father, an extremely capable and outstanding merchant, and it was
known as a fine retailer throughout the New York and Chicago markets.
In 1945 Dad expanded to two buildings and the company is still there
today. My father was born in Russia in 1894 and emigrated to the
United States. His father was a milkman in New York City; my mother
was born in Rumania in the early 1900’s and also emigrated to the
United States. As I said earlier, they met and married in Cleveland,

My father was an outstanding merchant and when he passed away I had
been in the family business for one year. I spent the next 21 years in
the family business and when I left I was executive vice president of
Madison’s, Incorporated. During my 21 years we opened eight suburban
stores – some in Columbus, two in Milwaukee, and one in Chicago, all
carrying the name Madison’s, Incorporated. I was responsible for the
operations of the business and for some buying.

I was married in 1956 and have three children – Andy, Patty and
Tim. I’m a grandfather of a beautiful young boy and girl. My son,
Andy, lives in Topeka, Kansas. My daughter, Patty, is a housewife and
lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and my son, Tim, is a real estate broker
and is in law school in Columbus, Ohio. I’m very proud of all my
children and they have done extremely well in their short lives.

In 1975, I wanted to do something different. I had served eight
years on the Bexley City Council and I thought I would like to run for
Mayor. In 1975 I left the family business and was lucky enough to be
elected to a 4 – year term starting January 1st, 1976. I have served
four terms and am now in the middle of my fifth term, halfway through
my eighteenth year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being Mayor of the City
of Bexley as it is an outstanding and a beautiful community. Bexley is
a tree – lined residential community of approximately 14,000 people.
My responsibility as mayor, safety director and service director for
many years is to make sure that the city operates in a professional
and effective manner.

Bexley is a well – known, highly respected throughout the State of
Ohio. I have served appointments by the State of Ohio, by Franklin
County and by the City of Columbus, as well as various city, religious
and civic organizations. I also serve as judge in Bexley Municipal
Court. I have thoroughly enjoyed every facet of this job. I spend
between 50 and 60 hours a week working and have never found it boring.
I hope to continue this job as long as I feel it is rewarding.

In the past years, Bexley has been an integral part of the City of
Columbus with approximately 83,000 people passing through the city
every week, using Main Stret, Broad Street and Livingston Avenue
Monday through Friday. We area very busy small community.

We were part of AmeriFlora but it did not affect the city in any

Bexley is known for its civic – minded residents and for being a
very caring community. We have outstanding schools, both public and
private, a wonderful library and fine religious establishments. Bexley
is a land – locked community that cannot grow but the young people
here are remodeling and Bexley is stronger than it has ever been
before. I think Bexley has a marvelous future in the State of Ohio and
will continue to grow and be respected even more as the years pass.

I thank you for this opportunity to speak. I could go on for quite
a lot longer but I think I’ve said the most important things. Thank
you again.

This ends the presentation by Mayor David H. Madison as presented
during an interview with Sally Ann Jeffrey on February 24, 1993 for
the Columbus Jewish Historical Society Oral History Project.