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B'nai Israel Synagogue was in Lancaster, Ohio, from about 1926—1997.

Alan Shatz, the last former president of the Synagogue, donated the last known box of Synagogue paperwork to the Columbus Jewish Historical Society.

Box containes 34 folders of material, including 3 other folders which will be encapsulated. Folders consist of mostly financial records during and after the existence of the synagogue.
B'nai Israel Congregation, Lancaster
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Abrahms, Harry
Abrams, Harry
Altfater, D.
Altfater, David
Anyder, Abe
Balas, J.
Balas, Jack
Beren, E.
Bogoroff, I.
Bogroff, Ike
Bolotnikov, Saul
Brenner, Alexander
Center, Harry
Children, Levine
Cohen, Morris
Cowen, Harry
Curless, C.J.
Duchene, Fran
Eichel, Emil
Epstein, Ben
Epstein, Ben
Epstein, C.
Epstein, Charles
Epstein, Charles
Epstein, Chas
Epstein, Clarence
Epstein, Clarence
Epstein, Howard
Epstein, Morton
Epstein, Morton
Epstein, Sam
Epstein, Victor
Fine, William
Fine, Wm.
Franklin, Carl
Freedman, Leslie
Freidman, Edgar
Garlikov, Donald
Goldberg, M.
Hiles, Finley
Isacke, Adrienne
Jacobs, Jackie
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, Sherb
Kasover, Julius
Kessel, Leo
Kessel, Leo
Kurchick, H.
Kurchick, Harry
Levine, David
Levine, Louis
Levine, Richard
Long, A.
Long, Albert
Long, Albert
Louvis, A.D.
Man, Glouster
Marx, Gregg
McCartney, J.J.
Mellman, J.
Mellman, Jacob
Mellman, Jake
Michlson, A.
Millen, Henoch
Molar, Annette
Molar, Clara
Molar, George
Molar, Jacob
Molar, M.
Molar, Morris
Molar, Morris
Molar, Noah
Morris, Henry
Morris, Henry
Morris, Henry
Morris, Joseph
Moskovits, Mrs. J
Moskovitz, J.
Pavin, H.
Peters, H.B.
Rising, George
Rosenberg, Ben
Rosenberg, Jonathan
Sachs, Eugene
Schlesinger, A.
Schottenstein, Shapiro
Schottenstein, Steve
Seff, A.
Segal, Sam
Shatz, Alan
Shatz, Albert
Shenker, A.
Shenker, Abe
Shenker, Abe
Shenker, Earl
Shenker, Earl
Shenker, Jennie
Shenker, L.
Shenker, Louis
Shlesinger, Alex
Shositsky, Albert
Silver, S.
Silver, Sam
Silver, Sam
Simon, William
Snyde, Abe
Snyder, A.
Solomon, Sam
Soshitsky, A.
Stavsky, David
Steinberger, Moses
Stouder, C.S.
Sturn, Perry
Talenberg, L.
Talenberg, Louis
Warmflash, Andrew
Weinberg, Atlas
Wendel, Al
Werlinsky, L.
Yabrove & Beren
Yabrove, M.
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B'nai Israel Synagogue, Lancaster - ExteriorB'nai Israel Synagogue, Lancaster - Exterior
B'nai Israel Synagogue, Lancaster - InteriorB'nai Israel Synagogue, Lancaster - Interior
B'nai Israel Synagogue, Lancaster - InteriorB'nai Israel Synagogue, Lancaster - Interior