Jewish theater in central Ohio has a long tradition of amateur productions dating from before the turn of the 20th century.  In 1948, a group of women gathered together to form a new Little Theater group. Adopting the name Gallery Players (from the venue in which their first play was produced), this group has been a consistent presence in the Columbus theater world. Celebrating their 65th anniversary in 2013, Gallery Players is the longest continuously running theater group in central Ohio.  There have been over 300 productions by Gallery Players as well as program offshoots such as Popcorn Players, Gallery Teens, Gallery Tweens, and Actors Lab.

A full history of Gallery Players will be available soon.

Gallery Players Productions (Main Stage)

First Season:
May, 1950 Hay Fever

Second Season:
May, 1951 Petticoat Fever

Third Season:
Dec. 1951 Light Up the Sky
March, 1952 Uncle Harry
June, 1952 John Loves Mary

Fourth Season:
Nov. 1952 Blithe Spirit
Jan. 1953 R.U.R.
March, 1953 Counselor-At-Law

Fifth Season:
Nov. 1953 The Hasty Heart
Feb. 1954 Detective Story
April, 1954 Years Ago

Sixth Season:
Nov. 1954 The Play’s the Thing
Feb. 1955 The Dybbuk
April, 1955 My Three Angels

Seventh Season:
Feb. 1956 All My Sons
April, 1956 The Fifth Season

Eighth Season:
Nov. 1956 Many Moons
Feb. 1957 Golden Boy
May, 1957 Finian’s Rainbow

Ninth Season:
Sept. 1957 The Madwoman of Chaillot
Nov. 1957 Hansel & Gretel

Tenth Season:
Sept. 1958 Belles on Their Toes
Jan. 1959 The Tender Trap
May, 1959 The Reclining Figure

Eleventh Season:
Sept. 1959 Remarkable Incident
Dec. 1959 The Flowering Peach
Dec. 1959 The Oriental Nightingale
Feb. 1960 A Hole in the Head
May, 1960 Once in a Lifetime
Sept. 1960 You Can’t Take It With You

Twelfth Season:
Dec. 1960 Ondine
Dec. 1960 Cinderella
March, 1961 A View From the Bridge
May, 1961 Cold Wind and the Warm
July, 1961 Bits and Pieces – I (revue)

Thirteenth Season:
Dec. 1961 Major Barbara
Dec. 1961 Lost Birthday
Feb. 1962 Royal Gambit
March, 1962 Dealer’s Choice
May, 1962 The Threepenny Opera
June, 1962 The Threepenny Opera (OSU Stadium Theatre)

Fourteenth Season:
Dec. 1962 I Am A Camera
Dec. 1962 The Clown Who Ran Away
March, 1963 Rhinoceros
May, 1963 Damn Yankees

Fifteenth Season:
Dec. 1963 Gideon
Dec. 1963 The Ugly Duckling
March, 1964 Heaven Can Wait
May, 1964 Guys and Dolls
Sept. 1964 Best Foot Forward

Sixteenth Season:
Nov. 1964 The Tenth Man
Dec. 1964 The Clown Out West
Feb. 1965 Three Men on a Horse
May, 1965 Milk and Honey
Aug. 1965 The Skin of Our Teeth

Seventeenth Season:
Dec. 1965 Seidman and Son
Dec. 1965 The Peppermint Prince
Feb. 1966 The Glass Menagerie
May, 1966 The Front Page
July, 1966 Bits and Pieces – II
Aug. 1966 The Miracle Worker

Eighteenth Season:
Dec. 1966 Do-Re-Mi
Feb. 1967 Awake and Sing
March, 1967 Dina Halpern
May, 1967 The Skin of Our Teeth
Aug. 1967 The Curious Savage

Nineteenth Season:
Nov. 1967 Incident at Vichy
Feb. 1968 The Zulu and the Zayda
April, 1968 Ladies in Retirement
May, 1968 The Pajama Game
Aug. 1968 The Crucible
Sept. 1968 Viet Rock

Twentieth Season:
Nov. 1968 A Delicate Balance
Jan. 1969 Come Blow Your Horn
March, 1969 After the Rain
May, 1969 South Pacific
Aug. 1969 The Second American Revolution

Twenty-First Season:
Nov. 1969 The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window
Jan. 1970 Don’t Drink the Water
May, 1970 We Bombed in New Haven
Aug. 1970 Rashomon

Twenty-Second Season:
Nov. 1970 The World of Sholom Aleichem
Feb. 1971 Wait Until Dark
March, 1971 An Evening With Kurt Weill
May, 1971 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Twenty-Third Season:
Nov. 1971 Sheep on the Runway
Feb. 1972 Camino Real
March, 1972 You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running
May, 1972 Fiddler on the Roof
Aug. 1972 I Never Saw Butterfly

Twenty-Fourth Season:
Oct. 1972 Enter Laughing
Jan. 1973 Dark of the Moon
March, 1973 The Price
May, 1973 The Gingerbread Lady
Aug. 1973 Julius Caesar

Twenty-Fifth Season:
Nov. 1973 Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris
Feb. 1974 The Dybbuk
March, 1974 Everything in the Garden
May, 1974 The Taming of the Shrew
July, 1974 David & Lisa

Twenty-Sixth Season:
Nov. 1974 Jezebel’s Husband
Jan. 1975 Spoon River Anthology
Feb. 1975 Alice in Wonderland
March, 1975 The Enchanted
May, 1975 Cabaret

Twenty-Seventh Season:
Nov. 1975 6 Rms. Riv Vu
Dec. 1975 The King Who Loved Lollipops
Feb. 1976 After the Fall
March, 1976 Dinner at Eight
May, 1976 The Rothschilds

Twenty-Eighth Season:
Nov. 1976 Seascape
Nov. 1976 Cinderella
Feb. 1977 The Sunshine Boys
March, 1977 Middle of the Night
May, 1977 Light Up the Sky

Twenty-Ninth Season:
Nov. 1977 God’s Favorite
Nov. 1977 Oriental Nightingale
Feb. 1978 Ghosts
May, 1978 Milk and Honey
Sept. 1978 An Evening With Howard DaSilva

Thirtieth Season:
Nov. 1978 The Prisoner of Second Avenue
Nov. 1978 The Princess and the Pea
Feb. 1979 Yentl
March, 1979 The Diary of Anne Frank
June, 1979 Kismet

Thirty-First Season:
Oct. 1979 The Good Doctor
Nov. 1979 Jack & the Beanstalk
Dec. 1979 Arnold Moss “A Special People”
Feb. 1980 Blithe Spirit
March, 1980 The Corn is Green
April, 1980 Evening of One Acts
May, 1980 Kiss Me, Kate

Thirty-Second Season:
Oct. 1980 Watch on the Rhine
Nov. 1980 Aladdin’s Lamp
Jan. 1981 Just Desserts
Feb. 1981 The Goodbye People
March, 1981 Here Comes Charlie Brown
March, 1981 Family Business
June, 1981 The Most Happy Fella
July, 1981 Construction Capers

Thirty-Third Season:
Nov. 1981 The Odd Couple
Nov. 1981 Hansel and Gretel
Jan. 1982 From Shtetl to Broadway
Feb. 1982 Detective Story
March, 1982 Bedroom Farce
June, 1982 Man of La Mancha

Thirty-Fourth Season:
Oct. 1982 Table Settings
Jan. 1983 Fiddler on the Roof
March, 1983 From Shtetl to Broadway: #2
April, 1983 Betrayal
May, 1983 Contours
July, 1983 Two by Two

Thirty-Fifth Season:
Oct. 1983 Fools
Jan. 1984 No, No, Nanette
March, 1984 The Price
May, 1984 The King and I
July, 1984 A Mid Summer Night’s Scream

Thirty-Sixth Season:
Nov. 1984 Born Yesterday
Jan. 1985 ‘S Wonderful
March, 1985 The Little Foxes
June, 1985 Funny Girl

Thirty-Seventh Season:
Nov. 1985 The Man Who Came To Dinner
Jan. 1986 A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine
April, 1986 The Tenth Man
June, 1986 The Pajama Game

Thirty-Eighth Season:
Nov. 1986 They’re Playing Our Song
Jan. 1987 Brighton Beach Memoirs
Feb. 1987 Albert and Eve
April, 1987 Isn’t It Romantic?
June, 1987 Oliver

Thirty-Ninth Season:
Nov. 1987 Taking My Turn
Jan. 1988 It’s Only A Play
May, 1988 Annie
June, 1988 Biloxi Blues

Fortieth Season:
Sept. 1988 Flashback: The First 40 Years
Oct. 1988 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Jan. 1989 Social Security
March, 1989 All My Sons
May, 1989 The Sound of Music
June, 1989 Hey There Good Times!

Forty-First Season:
Nov. 1989 The 1940’s Radio Hour
Jan. 1990 The Immigrant
March, 1990 Great/Grand/Mothers/Daughters
May, 1990 George M!

Forty-Second Season:
Sept. 1990 Broadway Bound
Nov. 1990 I Do! I Do!
Feb. 1991 Crossing Delancy
March, 1991 Panache (Readers Theatre)
April, 1991 Annie Get Your Gun

Forty-Third Season:
Oct. 1991 On Golden Pond
Nov. 1991 The Crucible (Readers Theatre)
Feb. 1992 Personals
April, 1992 Lest We Forget: A Return To Anne Frank’s World (Readers Theatre)
April, 1992 A Shayna Madel
June, 1992 Wonderful Town
June, 1992 Bernstein on Broadway

Forty-Fourth Season:
Sept. 1992 Of Thee I Sing
Nov. 1992 The Seventh of Beautiful (Readers Theatre)
Jan. 1993 Doubles
March, 1993 Cantorial
June, 1993 Fiddler on the Roof

Forty-Fifth Season:
Oct. 1993 Yom Kippur in Da Nang
Nov. 1993 Bubbe Meises
March, 1994 Café Crown (Readers Theatre)
April, 1994 The Cemetery Club
May, 1994 JCC Follies ‘94

Forty-Sixth Season:
Dec. 1994 Lost in Yonkers
April, 1995 Beau Jest
May, 1995 Sight Unseen (Readers Theatre)

Forty-Seventh Season:
Oct. 1995 Boca
May, 1996 California Suite

Forty-Eighth Season:
Oct. 1996 Conversations With My Father
Feb. 1997 The Whole Shebang The News From St. Petersburg
May, 1997 Jest A Second

Forty-Ninth Season:
Nov. 1997 The Sisters Rosensweig
Feb. 1998 Broken Glass
May, 1998 Chapter Two

Fiftieth Season:
Oct. 1998 Fiddler on the Roof
Feb. 1999 The Twilight of the Golds
May, 1999 An American Daughter

Fifty-First Season:
Oct. 1999 Cabaret
Feb. 2000 The Crucible
May, 2000 God’s Favorite

Fifty-Second Season:
Oct. 2000 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Feb. 2001 Unexpected Tenderness
May, 2001 What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Fifty-Third Season:
Oct. 2001 The Diary of Anne Frank
Dec. 2001 Capture the Moon
March, 2002 Galileo
May, 2002 Side by Side by Sondheim

Fifty-Fourth Season:
Oct. 2002 Broadway Bound
Dec. 2002 The Odd Potato
March, 2003 Bye Bye Birdie
May, 2003 Visiting Mr. Green

Fifty-Fifth Season:
Oct. 2003 Laughter in Three Languages
Dec. 2003 Prairie Lights
March, 2004 Into the Woods
May, 2004 The Book of Ruth

Fifty-Sixth Season:
Dec. 2004 Rags
April, 2005 The Chosen
July, 2005 Meshuggah-Nuns

Fifty-Seventh Season:
Sept. 2005 All My Sons
Dec. 2005 The Magic Dreidels
Feb. 2006 Fiddler on the Roof

Fifty-Eighth Season:
Aug. 2006 The Bible: The Complete Word of G-d (Abridged)
Oct. 2006 The Last Night of Ballyhoo
Dec. 2006 Number the Stars
Feb. 2007 Urinetown

Fifty-Ninth Season:
Oct. 2007 Jerry’s Girls
Dec. 2007 Mazel and Shlimazel
Feb. 2008 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
May, 2008 Brooklyn Boy

Sixtieth Season:
Nov. 2008 Women’s Minyan
Dec. 2008 Joseph and Koza
Feb. 2009 Parade
May, 2009 The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife

Sixty-First Season:
Oct. 2009 Talley’s Folley
Dec. 2009 Capture the Moon
March, 2010 Company
May, 2010 The Immigrant

Sixty-Second Season:
Oct. 2010 From Door to Door
Dec. 2010 Captain Noah
March, 2011 Curtains
May, 2011 The Action Against Sol Schumann

Sixty-Third Season:
Oct. 2011 Lost in Yonkers
Feb. 2012 The Rubenstein Kiss (with CATCO)
March, 2012 A New Brain
May, 2012 Relatively Close

Sixty-Fourth Season: (2013 is JCC100)
Oct. 2012 November
Dec. 2012 Hanukkah Lights in the Big Sky
March, 2013 Fiddler on the Roof
May, 2013 The Whipping Man (with New Players Theatre)

Sixty-Fifth Season:
Oct. 2013 Yentl
Dec. 2013 Elijah’s Angel (World Premiere)
Mar. 2014 The Producers
Apr. 2014 Other Desert Cities (C Ohio Premiere)

Sixty-Sixth Season:
Sept. 2014 Bad Jews
Oct. 2014 My Name Is Asher Lev (w/CATCO)
Dec. 2014 Korczak’s Children
Mar. 2015 Les Miserables
May 2015 The Farnsworth Invention

Sixty-Seventh Season:
Oct. 2015  Brighton Beach Memoirs
Dec. 2015  Coney Island Christmas
Feb. 2016  Guys and Dolls
May 2016  A View From the Bridge

Sixty-Eighth Season:
Sept. 2016  Becoming Dr. Ruth
Dec. 2016  13: The Musical
Feb. 2017  Ragtime
May 2017  The Merchant of Venice

Sixty-Ninth Season:
Oct. 2017  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Dec. 2017  Oliver! The Musical
Mar. 2018  Side Show
May 2018  Incident at Vichy

Seventieth Season:
Oct. 2018  Falsettos
Dec. 2018  Funny Girl
Mar. 2019  Newsies

Seventy-First Season:
Sept. 2019  Driving Miss Daisy
Dec. 2019  A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
Mar. 2020  She Loves Me (short run)
May 2020  Amadeus (cancelled)

Seventy-Second Season (replaced due to pandemic):
Oct. 2020  Biloxi Blues
Dec. 2020  A Chorus Line
Mar. 2021  Working
May 2021  Seder

Seventy-Second Season (virtual):
Dec. 2020  Stars in Sweats
Dec. 2020  After Anatevka
Jan. 2021   I Do, I Do
Mar. 2021  We Just Move on! (Tribute to Fred Luper)
May 2021  More Than the Stars Love the Moon (Jewish Theatre Lab)

Seventy-Third Season:
Dec. 2021  The 25th Annual Putman County Spelling Bee
Mar 2022  Sondheim on Sondheim
May 2022  Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite




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